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Thread: Pacific Ocean in a Kayak? Wow....How about my 8' boat?

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    Default Pacific Ocean in a Kayak? Wow....How about my 8' boat?

    I know absolutely zilch about fly fishing the saltwater. But I want to. I have purchased every fly rod weight from 7wt through 10wt inclusive. I have also purchased the Albright 8/9wt spey and the 10/11wt spey. Wondering if I need the 9/10wt spey since they are only $80.

    Anywhooo.....I visited my son 50 miles north of San Francisco. I would like to spend time up there and fish the ocean. But all I saw was crashing waves into the rocks. From that view I could not imagine fishing the salt with a kayak.

    Question is this. I have terribly bad feet discomfort when standing. So fishing from the shore would be a pain for me. If one can find places to fish the ocean in a about my little 8' foam filled boat? I love it. I don't think you can sink it or capsize it. I have rigged an anchor for boaf ends of the boat with rope ratchets. All I have to do to drop one of the anchors is push a button. All I have to do to move is pull on the rope till the anchor is up out of the water and the rope ratchet automatically latches....and I just lay the rope down in the boat. I have a 6hp Johnson gas motor given to me...but have never tried it out. Wondering if it is too big of weight for my you need room for a gas tank.

    But I do have a 28lb thrust trolling motor and a 50lb thrust trolling motor.

    Would this boat work in the Pacific....anywhere? Or where ever people are using kayaks?

    Thanks for any help.

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