Most of my SW fishing is from a jetty but I never use wire leaders.Bluefish are the only real problem for bite off's and its not that bad.When they show up I use flies tied on the end of long shank hooks.Works great most of the time.I also rarely use a floating line on the rocks.I much prefer an intermediate and also use a sinking shooting head.You have to get the fly in front of the fish and an int. line does this better for me than a floater.Just make sure you keep it out of the rocks though.This is why I like a SH for a sinker,cheaper to replace if it gets hung up or cut up in the rocks.From the sound of the depths you have where you fish I would definately use a sinking line.If all you use is a floater you are missing out on some good fishing.You will be surprised at what you have been missing.