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Thread: Pod cast ideas:

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    Talking Pod cast ideas:

    Who would you like to hear interviewed on our new Pod Casts? Make your list and post it below this....could be a person or a manufacturer? Probably should be within fly fishing (but that's not cast in stone). All suggestions and ideas welcome.

    As per a suggestion, I'll make this 'sticky' so it will be around if you think of someone / something.

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    I assume we can nominate anyone? My pick would be Doug Swisher. I've got some of his videos and they have been a great help to me and I'd love to meet him someday.

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    I would like to suggest an interview with Jerry Siem of Sage. May be he can talk about what influences his design decision. I would also like to suggest a podcast on still water fishing.
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    maybe someone fromthe site sponsiors like albright or conranch.. it would be a value add for FAOL maybe attract more sponsors.

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    Lani Waller about his steelheading techniques and flies.

    Philip Rowely and or Brian Chan on stillwater fishing.

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    Rick Hafele on entymology and nymphing techniques.

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