Not many of you may know this but over the last year and 2 months my father and I have been fighting with the Va over an issue with his foot and a neglectful doctor who refused to look into the pain and issue. This issue turned out to be 7 broken bones and an infected abscess. In may they performed an operation that opened up the arteries in his right leg in the hopes that the foot and toe would heal. Three weeks ago they removed the toe after it became gangrenes. Two weeks ago it was found that the gangrene had spread into the foot and leg. Hel is now unable to walk and the pain he is in keeps him up for days on end.
At 0830hrs this morning (Monday 18July2011) they are going to remove the right let 3-4 inches above the knee. In hopes that not only will it end his suffering but allow him to live a more fulfilling life. I?m not going to lie I?m scared just as much if not more than he is. So I ask you all too please pray for him as he will need it.

Thank you all for being there.

Ill try my best to keep you all informed but I will be keeping a couple members up to date thank you.