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Thread: FISHING THE FORGOTTEN WET FLIES - Eye of the Guide - March 1, 2010

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    I love fly fishing wet flies, and I agree that the secret is getting the flies to the correct depth.

    I fish a three hook set up with a anchor fly that is weighted to keep the tapered leader taunt, along with two side lines for the other two patterns. I use a furled leader, and can insert the side sweeping lines where ever I wish on the furled leader.

    Speaking your knotted leader line, I do not know where people get their section measurements, but for a balanced parabolic knotted leader that is better balance with a constant percentage taper I crunch some numbers using Dave Ulmer (Slicfoot) "Big Leader Formula)

    You have ..

    .022 dia - 32"
    .020 dia - 18"
    .017 dia - 11.5"
    .015 dia - 8"
    .013 dia - 7.5"
    .012 dia - 8"
    .010 dia - 8"

    May I suggest that you use a....

    .022 dia -30"
    .020 dia -20"
    .017 dia - 15"
    .015 dia - 11"
    .013 dia - 8"
    .012 dia - 5"
    .010 dia - 4"

    I would use my calculations, using the Dave's formuala. if I still did knotted tapered leaders.

    I converted Dave Ulmers Big Leader Formula over to Furled Leaders, and it is only 25% as much number crunching. The construction of the furled leader takes longer, but is simpler in construction.

    Currently I am writing a book on furled leaders; 5 peg, 6 peg, 7 peg, & 8 peg layout versions. So when I have it finished, I will offer it to FAOL for their (free) use.

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