I am sorry that the URL Address in the article did not work, but after reading my post in "Readers Cast", I went surfing on the internet keying in "Asian Carp" and found other video from other News Sources showing how dangerous these fish are to those motoring their boats on the water. It has been reported by almost every news agency, With vivid videos of people being hit by flying carp, while in motorized boats.

Some species of Asian Carp can grow to 20 pounds or larger. Imagine getting hit by one of those while traveling on the water.

The electric fence on the Illinois River (run by the Corp of Engineers) is not 100% successful, at stooping the Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes, or from keeping the Snakeheads out of the Mississippi Drainage area.

All of his will change everyone's fishing habits and habituates in the future, with no remedy or solution to the problem.