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    Hey everyone,

    It appears that I wont be fishing as much as I can this year so I want to get rid of most of my flies and a few boxes. I have a lot of flies that I want to let go of so if you have any specific questions I will be more than happy to get back to you with a pm or email about anything. I will attached a couple sample photos of flies. They are all tied on either TMC, Daiichi, or (rarely) Mustad hooks.

    15 chernobyl ants - size 10 various colours
    33 klinkhamers - size 14 and 16 various colours
    22 EHC with CDC- 14 and 16 various colours
    10 Various dries - 16 and 18 light tan and brown
    11 Stimulators - size 8 various colours
    5 caddis dries - size 16
    27 EHC - 12, 14 and 16 various colours
    6 Bivisibles - size 12 various colours
    15 griffths gants - grizzly and black colours size 16 and 18
    31 caddis style EHC and emerger various sizes and colours
    41 various dries - size 12-14 - blue dun, grey fox, bwo
    19 caddis dries - green colours

    rough total of dries 216

    11 caddis nymphs - size 16 and 18 green and copper colours
    6 cased cadds - size 10
    15 various nymphs
    12 dubbing eggs - size 10 and 12 - light and bright pink ice
    62 hares ear variations - sizes 12-18 beads and no beads
    38 PTN, copper johns and caddises - 12-16

    rough total of nymphs 144

    I also have 2 different Okuma aluminum fly boxes that I would like to sell with the flies.

    I would like to sell these flies for $1.25 each with shipping included. Or if you want to buy the lot then I wil ship it to you with the boxes for $300

    I would be more than happy to accept reasonable offers for any or all of the flies. Thanks so much,
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