Hello, I just moved to Eastern north carolina to jacksonville and I am new to the concept of Salt water fly Fishing, I have completely no idea how to go about doing it. I have fished small freshwater streams and lakes my whole life and i want to try out the ocean now. I Planed on renting a kayak or surf fishing for the most part i don't have money to buy a boat or store it anywhere since I'm in the military. I have been scouring the internet for tips or any knowledge on the subject but i haven't yet found any. SO here are some of my questions that i have.

1. I have a 8'6 5 wt fresh water rod ( is there a difference between freshwater and salt will i need to buy a new one)
2. what type of line should i get. What kind of entry level fly reel should I get.
3. What species inhabit costal north carolina that are in surf and kayak range.
4. What books or where can i get any knowledge I read to get spun up on the type of fishing I plan on doing.

Thanks for your help