I'm new to the sport but expect to have done a lot of small lake and stream fishing in Missouri by summer. I will be in Maine to see family in July and would like to try salt water fly fishing. I do expect/hope to use a guide for a half day, or something like that, but after that, I'd like to be able to wander down to the water and cast off the shore, or wade in and cast, or rent a kayak..., just something where I try stuff alone, or with my boys or extended family members. I'm reading Lefty Kreh's saltwater FF book, which has lots of info, but I'm not always sure what will apply to my location/timing.

I'm wondering if anyone has general suggestions about fishing lines and perhaps leaders? I find the options to be confusingly broad. I don't even have a clue what fish to go for (or care, really, I'm happy to attempt to catch anything within reason, as long as it isn't endangered, which may only be an issue in Maine's freshwater or at river mouths, I'm not completely sure).

I wonder if I can get by with one reel and one line, a WF8F Sage Saltwater Equator Taper II that I happen to have, or whether I need to bring spools with, for example, sink-tip and full-sink lines. I'll be on one of the islands off Portland, in the bay. Thanks much for any comments!