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Thread: FLY FISHERS ALL - Ladyfisher - February 8, 2010

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    Quote from your wonderful article. (You do know everyone is welcome at any Fish-In anywhere - well as long as you are a reader of FAOL - note I did not say a "member" this isn't a Private Club. It is your web site.) Unquote.

    Deanna you know I'd rather cut off my right arm than disagree with you But!!!

    I have to point out to you that several times at the Idaho Fish in and the Central Washington Fish In. Even in the Lowell coffee shop some of us have invited strangers that we met on stream to come and join in the festivities and the fishing.
    Each time this happened they were greeted by one and all as friends. I remember at the Ephrata campground Castwell even flagged down a cop car and tried to kidnap/coax the Cop into turning off the radio and joining one of our casting clinics. One of those people we invited at Lowell turned out to be a EMT who assisted me when I broke my arm. He was there because DG and I met him in the coffee shop and DG got him interested in joining us.

    So I would have to say, everyone is welcome to a fish in. Especally the guy who brings the fudge.
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    For God's sake, Don't Quote me! I'm Probably making this crap up!

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