I have a question about saltwater leaders. I started fly fishing the salt last year..mainly sheltered waters here on Long Island for stripers, bluefish, weakfish and summer flounder. How do you guys handle your leaders? I've been told everything from use tapered fluorocarbon or mono leaders, to just use a straight 6' shot of 20 lb mono. I picked up some tapered leaders from Orvis, and when i snipped it back far enough to lose the tippet, I just put a double surgeons loop in the leader, did likewise to the tippet mat'l (12, 15 or 20 lb mono). Is this the most cost effective way of doing things? Would tying up my own leaders be better than purchasing tapered ones? Any help is appreciated. Oh, forgot, I'm fishing a 9' 9wt with either a WF floating line or an intermediate line with a 1.5 IPS sink tip Thanks for looking.