Yeah, I wasn't totally clear there at the end. I made a leap from speaking of special needs groups to referring back to the intergenerational transferrance issue in general without saying so. My bad.

Obviously, the folks who do what I specialize in are always going to be a minority of the fly fishing community. That goes without saying. But - from MY perspective - I think that the majority of the fly fishing community have a real dysfunction when it comes to bridging the generation gap...period. And that's what I was getting at. I see a lot of apathy, intolerance, cultural ignorance (no negative conotation intended), or even just plain arrogance (the rarest problem) getting in the way of the recruitment of ethnic minorities, women (doing much better here in most circles), youth, etc.

Like I said before, I know a LOT of fly anglers who are absolutely the opposite of what I just described. But as I travel around the country, talk to fly anglers from all over the place, read fly fishing media constantly, and so forth, I still am persuaded that the majority have a looooooooonnnng way to go.