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    Just have to give a big adda boy and thumbs up to Gander Mountain. I purchased a pair of boots from them for one of my boys (and promptly lost the receipt) and after he wore them the first time the rubber cracked and split about 2 inches on one boot. I fixed them with AquaSeal (a miracle product) so he could continue to use them on a fun weekend at our hunting place. Well then both boots cracked and split again 1-2" and I fixed them again. My travel schedule kept me from the store and I had to repair them 2 more times so they would remain wearable/waterproof.
    I went to the Gander website and sent them an email about the problems. I explained how poorly the boots had performed and that I was online and had zero luck finding any contact information for the manufacturer and was now coming back to them. Within 24 hours I got a reply from the footwear manager from my local store offering to give me full credit for the purchase price PLUS a $10 gift card for our trouble. After returning from a trip last week I went in, dropped off the boots and got a full credit plus the extra 10%.

    While to me, this is the right thing for them to have done (less the extra $10 credit), many retailers these days would have shrugged off the issue and sent me on my way.

    Nice to see a retailer who cares about the products they sell and their customers who purchase them.

    By the way, I sugest you absolutely avoid any boots with the Itasca brand. When I went online to find their contact info, all I found was a LOT of other people frustrated trying to find their contact info with pair after pair of poorly made defective boots. Should have bought the Lil' Burly Air Grip boots the first time around.
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