This is one of the few things my wife lets me cook anymore. It takes some time but is well worth it.

Pound and half of ground beef. An onion, a couple of apples, a couple of tomatoes, a pepper either/both green and red.

Brown and drain ground beef and then add slices of onion, sliced apples (softer, sweeter varieties work best in my opinion) a sliced tomatoe and the slices of pepper.

Add a small amount of water and a lot of curry and bring up to heat in a covered pan. Stir the ingredients and keep things 'steaming". The curry then slowly changes the apples, and tomatoes into a paste while tenderizing the onion and peppers. I continue to add curry to taste during the process.

When the dish has turned into a nice very thick sauce I then add more of all
apples, onion, tomatoe and pepper and cook until just tender this time. The newly cooked apples and stuff looks good and adds variety to every bite.

This whole time keep the skillet covered.

The sauce or paste is very flavorful and earthy. Serve over white rice. It's one of our favorites and there are never any leftovers.