Hey folks, tough times call for tough measures~up for grabs is a beautiful, and rare fly reel-a Backwinder. These were made for a very short time, and are collectible now as the company (to the best of my knowledge) has gone under. Made in Norway to very fine tolerances, mine is the "trout" size (line wt. 4/5) in the champagne color. Condition~like new. The company provided only a small black fleece, draw string bag as the "pouch", but it has stitched on it a small "Backwinder" label.

I've never seen these for sale in North America, and have never seen one come up for sale used. I believe the original selling price was approx. $340-$350 US.

My asking price is $375 (+actual shipping costs) which I think is fair for a reel of this quality, and for a reel that will only increase in value. I will take photos of the actual reel for anyone interested in purchasing it, and get them to you as soon as possible. For now, a couple of links to get things rolling!

I think this is from Australia, so disregard the $ value listed.


The best photos I've seen of this reel, and a (presumably) a good write up if your German is better than mine! lol Mine is identical to the center reel in the top photo;