Loved the article. While I am a relative novice to this sport of fly fishing and don't have the perspective on some of the older leader construction materials I have extensively read about and experimented with the newer materials available. While I am not so fanatical about the delicacy of my tippets as some I am always interested in better ways to transfer the energy of my cast to the fly to get an efficient and accurate cast. Unfortunately for all their improvements the modern store bought leader is in many ways still the clumsiest link in our fly delivery system. Finding the right balance of stiffness and suppleness in the lengths of monofilament or flourocarbon wire we use remains a challenge. Add that to the fact that they all seem to suffer at least some issues with memory and this area of fly fishing is still open to much improvement. Recently I have begun hearing about a rebirth of an old technology -- furled leaders. As the source of taper with the older materials mentioned in this article they have been around for a long time. Combined with our modern materials they create leaders that are stronger and more delicate than any other leader I have tried to date. Beyond that any fly fisherman who is capable of tying their own flies can make custom make these leaders with very little investment of time or money. While the monofilament leader is a modern marvel the future of leaders is decidedly retro.