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Thread: Jax Possum Kit - Fly of the Week - January 11, 2010

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    Default Jax Possum Kit - Fly of the Week - January 11, 2010

    Jax Possum Kit

    I find this Smelt pattern to be a good all-rounder and it serves me well. I fish it with a fast jerky retrieve to start with and if I get a follow or two without getting a strike I slow down a bit and give a few little jerks in the retrieve. Usually though the fast retrieve brings a smashing take and the fun is on.

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    For new tyers in the U.S. you may want ot note that jax is from down under and when he says possum he means Australian possum. The hide from the one you had for dinner won't work well in this patern. Try a strip of muskrat,otter or undyed rabbit for a similar effect.
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    Nice fly, Jax. Looks like a brown would chase that right to your boot toes. I'll have a few for the trip to Idaho and Montana.

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