I made up a batch of the suet you described with oatmeal, peanut butter, and corn meal. I added a bunch of wild bird seed to half of it. I think it's presentation, as I put it into a couple of small foil loaf pans and set it out, but the only birds that are too impressed with it are the wood peckers. They love it!

Then there are the squirrels. This stuff is squirrel crack. They emptied a pan, and were dragging the pan all over the yard, chasing each other up and down the tree, dropping it and making a mad dash to retrieve it. Very entertaining!

I was watching one who was obviously in squirrel heaven with a face full of grease and paws covered, too, looking over at the house with what I swear was a big smile on his face. He got his fill and then found a spot in the tree and cleaned himself up.

It may not be popular with our birds, but it keeps the squirrels out of the peanuts for the Jays and has provided endless hours of entertainment.

Thank you!