I love Exuma. Although I haven't been there in almost a decade now. I booked guides through the Peace and Plenty. Not sure if they even still have their fly shop.

We were fishing the flats and doing well with the bonefish until some barracuda moved in, then the guide wanted to head to a different spot to keep for just feeding the barracuda. I tied on a Dahlberg Diver bass bug just to see if anything would happen. The guide assured me that no barracuda would even look at it. (It was frog colored.)

I cast the diver out in front of the 5' barracuda and he turned to give it the 'cuda stare. "He gonna eat that fly! He gonna eat that fly! Strip Strip Strip!!!!" yelled the guide. After that take and subsequent runs I've been just about ruined for everything else since. Wow. Of course, after fighting him for about 15 minutes he straightened the hook on my bass bug.

Another story about the one that got away.

Anyway, I'm very fond of Exuma. We'd also rent a small boat in Georgetown and head out to the flats ourselves without guides some times, or even just drive and wade to different spots. I've seen a couple permit, but just caught bones, barracuda and lemon sharks. I'd use an 8wt for bones, and then if the toothy critters showed up switch to a 10wt with a wire leader (and I started tying on stronger hooks.)

I haven't been since the casino opened. All the locals were worried about the character of the island changing. (huh, just looked and the Four Seasons is now closed. Maybe that's a good thing.... I'm always amazed at how many resorts don't make it there. There are many roads cut into the forest there for a subdivision that went bust as well.)

Anyway, enjoy your stay! Have a bowl of conch chowder and a Kalik for me.