I don't always answer posts on the BB, but I have been seeing some recommendations in various parts of the BB on this site which infuriate me.
Many of you will go to the boards and ask questions, the answers to which are already contained within the thousands of pages available to you on this site! Now for those of you who read the articles and seek clarification, you are still on my good side.
To those of you who answer a question on the boards by immediately giving the person asking a URL for some other site, I really have to question why you are on here to begin with!
There have been countless hours spent by the contributors on the content of this web site over the years, and no expense spared on the part of FAOL to archive every word.
Sending people to another website is not now, never has been and never will be an appropriate thank you for all of the effort that goes into what you seem to be taking for granted.
You sending readers somewhere else makes about as much sense as leaving fish at your feet to go find fish.
Open your eyes, and calm your fingers
George E Emanuel

PS don't let the Junior Member tag fool you either