LADYFISHER now here is a subject dear to my heart. No one writes about teaching children!!!!

I am the education equipment person for our local FFF afiliated ffishing club . If we need something I can find it. As a scout merit badge counselor I have taught over 150 boy scout to tie flys and cast. Its great to see a scout at camp tie his first fly and catch a 2 pound bass on the third cast.

The clubs big outing held each year is for Big Brother Big Sister--twenty inner city kids age 9 to 15 tie their first wollybugger learn to cast with two FFF certified casters,catch water bugs with an entomologist and then using the fly they tied catch the first live fish that they have seen. Our YMCA has the pond and the Indiana DNR stocked it with bluegills and bass for us. Club members are one on one with each child The city nature park has event for kids and a local college has a program for children of students and staff.

Equipment--isnt easy to optain unless you have the club background and stationary letterhead. .Everyone seams to be asking and they need proof to make sure it will be used for kids and not for personal use. I have tying equip for10 - vice tools hooks hackle thread,asked one rod company for two rods that they get on trade and they sent me ten. Five new rod combos from the FFF and Sierra Club. Grant money is also available.BILL