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Thread: USING CRAFT FUR FOR HACKLE - Warmwater - December 28, 2009

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    Default USING CRAFT FUR FOR HACKLE - Warmwater - December 28, 2009


    There is no question about it. Small flies catch fish, and sometimes they work when nothing else will. Granted, large flies, as a rule, catch large fish. Bass and stripers love a nice mouthful of #4 Woolley Bugger with thick hackle, and a huge tuft of marabou. But what if the place you?re fishing has mostly sunfish and crappie, and you still want to use a Woolley Bugger (arguably one of the most successful fly patterns ever designed, for all species?at least in fresh water)?

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    Enjoyed reading the article. I think Craft Fur may be an over looked fly tying material with most seasoned tiers. I like to use it with streamers, mixed with other materials. Got a bunch of a while back really cheap and use it for allot of different applications. Also makes a pretty good dubbing mix. It is more durable then some feathers that's for sure I always enjoy experimenting with different materials when tying. One of the many joys of the art fly tying.

    "The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope" -John Buchan

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    gigmaster, I tried that and mine looked just a bit worse than terrible. Now that I see it can be done, I'm gonna take another shot at it. thanks for the article and the encouragement.


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    Can you post a picture of the complete piece of "craft fur" purchased from Wal-Mart?
    I could not find anything that resembles what I see in the picture. I found some yarn that is quite stringy....and I found some squares of fur that looked like on a skin. All they had was a black and a white.

    Is THIS the "craft fur" you are referring to? Doesn't look like it to me. What I found looked more like uh.....I dunno....I guess fur....but long thicker pieces like 1" long on a 6" square of a skin.

    The texture just does not look like the "craft fur" which is in your picture....and you stated comes in many colors.

    I even asked in the sewing department and they said what I had in my hand was all the craft fur they had.

    Sure would like to not only see a picture of the complete piece...but even a piece in it's packaging....so I can look for it. I cannot find what I think is the right stuff.


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    craft fur looks like the following images


    your local big box craft store should have it
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    Thanks Normand. I think I got it. The fur I saw at wal mart just didn't look right to me. I think the fly could also be created out of semi-seal, and calf's tail, or just semi seal.


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