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Thread: Hooks + Saltwater materials for sale

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    Default Hooks + Saltwater materials for sale

    Consolidated some of my stuff and now have for sale the following. $5 shipping per package. Buy it all for $110 and I will throw in shipping. Add 4% for PayPal. (reverse). PLEASE ONLY USE EMAIL. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME PMs OR POST RESPONSES TO THIS THREAD AS I WILL NOT ANSWER THEM. Thanks, Chris

    Hooks. Not going to count contents of every box, but pretty sure the #s are correct.

    Mustad 9479, 100ct. Size 6 (3 boxes). Size 4 (1 box). $5 per box. And Mustad 9174, 100ct. Size 4 (1 box). $5 per box. Or buy the lot of these heavy egg hooks for $20.

    Eagle Claw or Avalon? A1170, 100ct. These came to me in an Eagle Claw cardboard box, but they have an Avalon hook number on each plastic bag. I can't find the EC model anymore and Google didn't give me a quick answer on Avalon hooks. Anyways, I have used these and found them quite suitable for dries: down eye, bronzed, 1xf wire, standard shank, barbed. They come in little plastic bags, though I could put them in incorrect plastic hook boxes if you like to store them that way. I have 17 bags! $5 per bag, or $50 for the lot. That's 3 cents per hook.

    Saltwater tying stuff sold as a lot. Orvis (Gamakatsu) hooks (size 1 and 2/0, count shown in red marker), olive super hair, Enrico Puglisi Sea Hair, EZ Shape Sparkle stuff, doll eyes, etc. See pics. $100+ retail. $45 for the lot. See pics below.

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