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    Bought myself an early present yesterday. I am still a bit weak for fishing and hunting so I figured now was the time to get serious about my love of a certain musical instrument. Got this kit for $149.99 today:

    The guys at Guitar Center in Harrisburg were really great. They listened to what I wanted to do and did not try to push high end gear on me. I had an acoustic when I was a teenager but never got serious about it. The guys at the store asked me what I wanted to do and what colors I liked. I told them I wanted a guitar that I could take into the wilderness with me and if it got dunked in a capsized canoe or damage I wouldn't be out a whole lot of money. They were in full agreement that those situations call for a good entry level guitar.

    They did some work ups on used guitars with the essentials. Turned out the new kit by Epiphone was a better deal. I also have until the end of January to return the guitar if I decide to do so. I have access to a Martin from 1923 but I do not want to take it out to the wilderness with me. Though this Epiphone is made in China I am impressed with the craftsmanship and the sound is very good for a guitar of this price range. Time will tell the tale though.

    I am a very happy boy tonight.
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