One of the drugs I have to take lowers your white cell count and impacts the capability of the immune system to fight off infections. Well I had to go to the doctor today as I have contract a nasty U.R.I.

Very soar throat, infected sinuses, pain in both ears and a strong cough. Under normal circumstances it is no big deal but the depressed immune system is not coping well with it. I hadn't seen my family dos since she shipped me off to the endocrinologist. She put me on some very strong antibiotics then gave me a big hug as I was leaving the office! Now she is keeping an eye on me as she has put me under strict orders to return in 48 hours if I am not better, head to the E.R. if I get worse.

Nice to have a doc that cares. Other than the infection my heart rate and appetite have now descended back down to the level a mere mortal should have. I still have some bad episodes but they are fewer an further between now.

I did not put the posts about my issues here for sympathy but rather as a reference for all should anyone suffer this illness in the future. The prayers, well wishes and encouraging posts have been a greatly appreciated, very successful thing for me.

Thanks all,