I'll present the facts as I know them.

-Involved in a one-car accident in a Cadillac Escalade outside his home.
-911 was called
-Local Police showed up on the scene
-Was taken to a local hospital
-He has refused to talk to the Police

-His PR said it was a "minor accident".
-He himself said he was too injured to play in this weekend's tournament(HIS tournament.

Now I will ask a few questions:
-Who calls 911 for a 'minor accident'?
-If it was an Escalade is there conversation with OnStar? Is that confidential?
Is it still confidential if OnStar then called a public institution for help?
-Is this incident 'personal' if public assistance was asked to intervene(Police and 911)?
-Why hasn't the media asked one question about OnStar?
-If the local Police was involved was a sobriety test done?
-Was blood-alcohol tested?
-Was blood tested for drugs?
-How can this be a minor accident if he is too injured to play?

You make up your mind.