I invited Dee and Trav over for vittles on turkey day this year.

We served up turkey, beef, and lots of trimmings, and I made pumpkin pie from real pumkins (for everything else my significant other kicks me out of the kitchen). The beef was a new addition this year, and seeing that Dee prefers cow over bird it was a lucky addition.

I must say that the two make a pleasant addition to the table. Trav amazes me with how much he knows, and Dee, well as always she is charming and fun to be around.

I did make one faux pas though:
In conversation I mentioned that my dad (75 now) didn't have too many more decades in him. You know those times when you feel someone gnawing on your foot, and look down to see that it's you?

Ah yes... There's a reason I consider Dee to be a second mom.. Oops...
So, to continue the foot fest... Thanks Neil and Dee.. Hey we love you even if the term "Rocks don't live that long" may (or not) apply.... ROFL.

Leaves me thinking though, that various parts of the country might want to get a social night organized around the holiday season. I know there are many folks in my own back yard I'd love to meet. Probably too soon for this year, but I'm thinking 2010 might see a Washington state FAOL banquet. Any interest?