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Thread: BROUGHAM'S CLOWHOLM - Just Old Flies - November 30, 2009

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    Default BROUGHAM'S CLOWHOLM - Just Old Flies - November 30, 2009


    This is a fly I've wanted to do for some time. It's listed among the Coastal Trout Patterns in the book Fly Patterns of British Columbia. This is a fascinating little book detailing the flies and history of B.C., and the history of fly fishing up there parallels our own to a large extent.

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    What a lovely wee fly. I can see it being slammed by a Coastal Cutthroat during the fall run into the natal rivers. Beautifully dressed, Eric
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    It is wonderful that we have "Just Old Flies and stuff" and with the many wonderful tier's who help old patterns to be presented again to a new generation of anglers.

    For many years, I have be intrigued by the old patterns, being put off by the availability of some of the materials used in the original pattern. On other patterns I have be hesitant to dress them on the hooks that were called for.

    The Brougham's Clowholm, reminds me of the "Montreal" fly patterns. I am reminded now a fly tier can down-size the patterns that were for larger hooks, to a a hook size for your local fishing (even if it is not for trout). I have been do just that for many years. A decent replacement for swan on the Brougham's Clowholm, could be male mallard wing segments, the color is close enough.

    I have all of the articles on fly patterns available in PDF that required the free adobe reader, so you can have these for your own archives on your computer.

    My previous computer, which is no longer viable for internet connection, is in my fly fishing workshop, and I have all of FAOL's articles at my fingertips.

    If you ever see an article on FAOL, that you would like a very nice viewable copy for your computer, just email me at [email]parnelli@comcast.net[/emali], just my way of helping everyone on FAOL. ~Parnelli

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