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Thread: Proud Dad at Thanksgiving?--You BET!

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    Thanks for all your kind words. I am humbled by them. We have made our share of mistakes, but those 3 kids of ours are kind, giving young people & we wouldn't have it any other way.
    We are Blessed....Here's the latest......
    Last night, Molly's family had us for dinner to celebrate my birthday a few days early. When Daddy got home, he gave each of the Children $1.00. Four year old Tori (my SHADOW!) started with me, then went to Grandma, Aunt Maggie & her Mommy offering us her money. We all just said "No thanks" & suggested she put it in her bank. Well, Tori BURST into tears, saying nobody wanted her money. After that, I took it, then after she & I sat together eating Birthday cookie & reading books, I handed her a $1.00 & asked if she would put it in her bank for me. This little lady shows that the legacy will continue far past Colleen & I.
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