Oldest Daughter Molly & her Dan have been saving to build a better home. Dan can do a lot of the work as they have a business that tows, services cars & trucks, excavates, demolishes, tree removal, etc, etc. Here comes the story..
They have elderly friends who both have health issues & struggle to make it financially. They live in what is basically a renovated 600 square foot garage. a couple weeks ago there were foundation problems. Dan went to check it out & the place needed to be demolished & rebuilt. Jim & Jean do not have the ability to undertake the expense, so Molly & Dan put their building plans on hold & are rebuilding Jim & Jean's place. Dan demolished the old, dug a new foundation, then Molly was advised to call the County Builder's Association to see if there may be programs to help reduce the costs. A local builder jumped & said he will frame & roof it free, someone else drew up plans (1,00 square feet), painters volunteered, windows are being donated, Sears is donating appliances, wood is being donated, and many people are donating their time as laborers. Jim & Jean's home should be ready before Christmas. Another kudo goes to Stefani Schaefer (ex schoolmate of Molly's) of Cleveland Channel 8 News who had a story run Monday at 6pm & again Tuesday morning at 9am. Then the Canton Repository newspaper called them & they want to do a story. Channel 8 called it an Extreme Home Makeover without the "Hollywood glitz".
All this resulted from friends helping friends. Colleen & I are indeed Blessed with giving & loving Children. They are all the gifts we ever need.
Sorry for the lengthy brag, but I am so proud that these two would sacrifice for others. I am also proud & HUMBLED by the outpouring of support from the community.
God Bless them ALL!
This Thanksgiving?...Only the best EVER!