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    Annual 450+ mile thanksgiving trip north takes me right past Jann's Netcraft in Toledo, then past the Dudee, Mi Cabela's. Seeing that Jann's is right at the 3 hours mark from home I planned my departure time to get to Jann's right when they open. Had my list all ready. Jann's is just a few blocks from the Freeway Exit ramp, so it's quite easy (in my mind) to justify stopping. That and of course I save on shipping charges. Pull in their parking lot at 8:09. Sign on door says 'CLOSED'. Opens at 9am. WTF??? They're supposed to open at 8:00! The summer/winter hours don't change until Dec 1, verified that from the catalog before I left. Oh well, wasn't planning on Cabela's stop until trip home Sunday, but since Jann's was closed, Cabela's just became a contingency .

    Picked up a few things on my list at Cabela's but half of list was a rod blank and parts for new rod project. Get to destination, and check out Jann's website. Sure enough Opens at 9:00. Unpack catalog and yep, Showroom opens at 9:00, buuuut the 'Customer Service' phone support opens at 8:00!!! DOH!!!
    After seeing my error I thought, had I known then, I could have called "customer service" placed an order and asked if they would deliver to the parking lot.

    Jann's showroom is closed on Sunday when I'll go back past it, so it looks like shipping charges now.
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