About 12 years ago I bought a jon boat with a 25 horse power Johnson. It was an outboard motor with a tiller handle and a seperate fuel tank. I took the boat out for the very 1st time, launched it from the boat ramp like a pro. Even remembered to put the plug in. Only one problem, before I left I took the gas tank out of the boat to fill it up so I wouldn't spill gas in my boat. You guessed it, the fuel tank was sitting at my house in the driveway when I got home.

First fly fishing trip I ever made was last February with Jack Hise. I was so excited and I didn't want to look like a complete dunce. Jack was kind enough to give me some flies. I dropped one and bent over to pick it up. There was a sudden sickening ripping sound from the seat of my brand new waders. I thought the trip was over, but Jack took me to a place where I could wade in water up to my knees. I caught 5 rainbow trout, but the first one was the one that did me in. I only had him hooked for a few minutes, but that fish hooked me for life. Best part was Bass Pro warrantied the waders and I got a brand new and much better quality pair of waders.