Today about 1/2 hour ago my dad passed away. Although this is a sad occasion with much griefing for the living it saddens me at people. My mom is good with it. She will miss him but she had 47 good years with him. Maybe she has a better pespective then I do. My whole family was "Idon't care attitude" while he lay in his bed at home dying. Although he was my step dad I respected and loved the man as if he were my own dad. Iguess what saddens me is that my whole family did not talk bad about him as he lay in his death bed they did not talk good about him either. It was as if he was not there. I know everyone griefs in their own fashion and respect that but not to respect the man as he passes saddens me. I was his stepson and respected him more then his own children. That saddens me. The hospice nurse that stayed with us through this was very none jalaunt and treated this as oh well this hapens everyday in my life get used to it. I don't know maybe I am stupid or old and emotional who knows but this makes me very sad not just at the passing of a very good man but at the actions of the people who supposedly loved him. I just don't get it. Thanks for listening I needed to get this out somewhere.