I want to post a big thank you to New Mexico Karen. Complete stranger. Saw I lost all my flies when I capsized my boat. Offered free flies. In process she learned I am going to the last fly club outing of the year tomorrow. I also had eye surgery (boaf) and cannot see well enough to tie flies yet. She tied up flies for my fishing day and sent them FREE GRATIS. NO quid pro quo! That's an FAOL'er for sure. Dyed in the wool gracious, compassionate, a "giver" type person. I think I have made a new friend in New Mexico. No question about the cost of her hooks, material, time and effort...nor postage! "N I C E"

I need to take a trip to NM someday and wet a line with that lady and her hubby Bob.

She must be one swell person.

Thank you very much Ms. Karen.