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    Quote Originally Posted by dudley View Post
    My wife use to sell Fire Pistons through her webstore, but couldn't keep up with the orders

    They're all hand made and work on the same principle as a diesel engine. When air molecules are rapidly compressed within the cylinder, the temperature of the air becomes hot enough to cause combustion. A single thrust of the piston ignites tinder placed in the end of the shaft. Since fire pistons create fire through compression, they function even after complete submersion and make an excellent addition to survival gear. The fire-piston is capable of creating a live ember in a fraction of a second and open flames in less than 30 seconds... even in windy conditions.
    I have one of those I made myself out of alluminum... Took a few tries on making one before getting one that actually worked... I keep it in my caving equipment bag... Im somewhat lazy so i prefer the fire steel cause i get instant fire without having to nurse a glowing ember inside a nest... It works even if its wet also but then again ya gotta prepare tinder from whata available unless you carry some around with ya... Every type of fire starter has its own advantages and disadvantages... I used to use a bow drill to start campfires but that takes work & time but dont have to worry about carrying fire starters around cause ya can just make one from things around you...
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