We had a beautiful day here in New England and the fish were as happy as we were as we hit the Swift River. Here's the link to the pics, http://www.massflyfishing.com/cms/bl...y-on-the-Swift

Hope you guys had as great a weekend as we did back east.

What a day on the Swift!

The Swift is a tough river and everyone knows it...but sometimes everything just comes together and the river gods smile on you and you have a day to remember, and today was one of those days. Met up with Jeremy at 10:30 where we did some casting instruction and geared up for the river. We had beautiful temps in the 60's which felt fantastic after Saturday's chilly temps in New Hampshire. This would be my second day in my new Korker boots, this time I opted for the Klingon rubber sole, and again I was psyched for their great support and all day comfort (damn, that's a great advertisement!). Months ago I told Jeremy that I would be happy to teach him to fly fish but that I'd be fishing as well, and after cancelling due to weather a few times we hit it perfect!

Jeremy got things going by quickly hooking a few fish minutes upon getting into the river. His second hook up was essentially a "caught" fish but he got off right as I went to net him. We headed up above the Y pool and I started things off with another, "let me show you how to do this" number, and I was able to hook up and land a nice rainbow . It didn't take long for Jeremy to keep me really busy netting and chasing fish for the next twenty minutes as he nailed fish after fish, his third fish was followed by the great line, "so what's so hard about this fly fishing thing?"

Jeremy and I worked our way upstream, spotting fish as we went, we encountered and cast to some truly large rainbows. Jeremy hooked one real monster but he broke him off after an extended fight. I missed a few takes but managed a nice brook trout on a really small Miracle Midge (the fly of the day). By this time we had been fishing for five hours and were starving so we headed back to the car and put some sandwiches together and got ready for another hour on the water.

After our late lunch we did the old Swift River upstream shuffle and worked our way up from the Route 9 bridge casting to rising trout as we went. Darkness was falling quickly but we worked the river for another hour, where I landed one of my biggest trout of the season. All in all it was a great day on the Swift and I'm psyched that Jeremy was able to land his first trout ever on the fly rod! Jeremy lived in Alaska for years, luckily he came to Massachusetts to really learn to fly fish!!