I really like that name. I carry one and believe it to be one of the finest weapons in the world!
I also consider the Thompson A to be one of the best vises in the world. I have the midge jaws installed on one of mine and the regular jaws installed on the other one. Wish I had a dollar for every fly I've tied on those two vises. I have tied down to a size 30 on the "midge vise" as I call it, with no problem. On the other one, I have tied up to 4/0 bass and saltwater flies. Mine are both mounted on pedestals and they are stable enough for spinning deer hair etc..
That said, I have also purchased a Peak vice that has the regular and midge jaws. I'm beginning to love this one because of its rotary capacity. I would put a mirror on the other side of the fly to see what's happening on that side but I would get an occasional glimpse of myself and that is a very disheartening feeling.
I too use the Thompsons when teaching others and they are great for that. Start and work your way up. After all,,, as Al Campbell, a master of simplicity, would say; all the vise has to do is hold the hook.
They say golf can be so much fun and exasperating at times,too. They ain't got nothin' on flytyers!!


all types of fishermen must pull together for the good of all!!!