Not a rant, ... just a weird observation.

I'm getting ready for winter so I got a nice 6000 watt backup generator for the house. Set it up this morning. On the BIG billboard style "Start Here!!" sheet, steps 1-5 are for installing the wheels and handle.

It says "Do not put in oil before doing these first 5 steps". That's obvious 'cause you need to turn the generator on its side to easily attach the wheels etc.

When you get to step 6 it says clearly "Do steps 1-5 before adding oil"

Then at step 6, it says "The crank case has been filled with oil at the factory, simply check the oil level".

I knew there was oil in the crank case already, so I had attached the wheel assembly on a lift

Just a 'lil note in case any of you go to setup a generator this fall.