I just read the thread below on glue, and am ambivalent about it. Don't use the Crazy Glue myself, but whatever makes you happy. I am using more wax these days though, and would like to plug the most amazing wax I've used yet. But first, a bit of explanation.

I primarily use wax to get things to stay put, especially around the heads of full dress salmon flies. William Bailey of Ft. Wayne Indiana has sent me some incredible wax, his latest formula, that literally sticks like glue. I never used the legendary waxes of yesteryear, Overton's Wonder Wax, etc., because I didn't need them then for the dry flies I tied. But need it I do these days, and Bailey's wax is unbelievable.

Bill Bailey provides specialized wools and dyed products that are something as well, but this wax, well, I've never used anything like it. He has black cobbler's wax too, for those so inclined. I have no monetary interest here, just wanted to pass along a bit about a product I think is great. Almost too good at times, it's so sticky it can be hard to close a loop or complete a whip finish. It's not gooey, just sticky when applied to the thread. Thread avalanches are a thing of the past with this stuff, and if you're uncomfortable with glue, this is the ticket.