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Why bother with naphtha...just use what's already in it....
Thats my point Duck, Naphtha IS in Shoe Goo. Toluene and Naphtha are the ONLY items listed as ingredients in Shoe Goo. On the package, and in the Manufacturer's MSDS. Take a look.

I was always under the impression from watching LeRoy Hyatt & Dave Engerbretson, who often had Dave Whitlock (of DAVE'S FLEXAMENT) on their show, that Flexament was just Shoe Goo (toluene) thinned with naphtha, which is what they always said.

So when some of you guys said to make Flexament, just thin Shoe Goo with Toluene. Me, thinking that Shoe Goo WAS toluene with naphtha as the solvent, then to thin it with the chemical thats NOT listed as the solvent , didn't make sense.