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    I said other solvents would work ..not all...I have never used naptha [just taking the word of the above posts...

    Why bother with naphtha...just use what's already in it....

    I was told by a noted tyer...whoever they are....that Dave's Flexament was Sho-Goo thinned with toluene....BTW I think originally it was least as I remember it preceded Goop...when Flexament came out.

    I have used xylene successfully as a solvent also..for flexament....was told it is the solvent in Soft-Tex which is that stuff you dip tool handles into ...whatever it's called.

    As you said all solvents don't work...e.g. acetone will thin Sally Hanson's but not Goop....believe I tried that once and got jelly.

    Since we are beating this to death...when I use full strength Sho- Goo to repair seems to dry hard...and when I use Goop it seems to dry a little thinking is the softer is better for our tying I use it rather than the shoe stuff...anyone else note that?
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