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Bass Bug,
I think what you are missing, is that toluene is the #1 reportable component. At least on the MSDS sheet I found. It think that, overall, toluene is a smaller percentage of the overall compound. I do know that it evaporates out of a closed tube in one heck of a hurry!
I'm looking at my tube of Shoe Goo, where Toluene is the first ingredient then only petroleum distillate. In products regulated by the US FDA, ingredients are listed in order of quantity, the largest always first. Dont know if this applies to chemicals.

Looking at the MSDS for Shoe Goo from Eclectic Products, Inc., the maker of Shoe Goo, the MSDS list the main ingredient as Toluene, (same as product package) and then list the solvent as naptha, which now that I think about it, naptha is what LeRoy and Dave say to thin Shoe Goo with.

So is toluene and naptha sold separatly like acetone, turpentine etc. Never noticed it at Ace, but then never looked for it either. Guess this calls for a field trip to the hardware store tomorrow.