Ok, you've got me throughly confused. If Toluene is the solvent, then adding more Toluene to Shoe Goo which lists Toluene as the main ingredient (and then just petroleum distillate as the only other ingredient) does what? Make it thicker or thinner?

LeRoy Hyatt & Dave Engerbretson have repeatedly said that Shoe Goo and Goop, both Toluene based products, when thinned make Flexament and Flex Seal.

So if you have Toluene as the main ingredient, how do you thin with the same ingredient? Tell me what I'm missing here guys? And then tell what your source of straight Toluene is that you add to Shoe Goo?

"Besides the Shoe Goo straight fixes waders and wading boots too. Don't try that with Fleximent " It would if you let it dry out to the thicker consistency of Shoe Goo wouldn't it?