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.......On glue, I have settled on making my own rubber cement by mixing shoe goo and Toluene. I mix it outside and I don't try to over expose myself to the chemical. I probably have more exposure danger filling my gas tank repeatedly than making the glue. The glue dries fast, soaks into the thread easily and adds to durability.
Clay, When you say 'rubber cement' do you mean like Flexament or Flex Seal? I ask because Shoe Goo and Goop (both pretty much the same product from different manufactures) are both Toluene based products. Flexament is just thinned down Toluene. To me "mixing shoe goo and Toluene" is like mixing water and H2O. Am I missing something here?

Sorry guys, not meaning to digress from the wax/glue topic.

I like the wax idea to prevent thread avalanches as Eric put it. I'm wondering though if you wax the thread at the head, will paint/lacquer stick? Many patterns get a painted head with painted eyes. When painting heads like there's no need for head cement, but these bigger heads are the worst for thread avalanches.