I'm with Bugman on this one. I started using dubbing wax when I started tying for dubbing applications then moved away from it when my mentor said to just use a little spit, yes, you read that right.

Never on dries because it will collect dirt and make it even harder to float, so I have been told.

Would love to hear about your applications for using the wax and why you feel it is better to use the wax than not use it. I'm keeping an open mind here and want to learn something new. So if you are willing to share ....

On glue, I have settled on making my own rubber cement by mixing shoe goo and Toluene. I mix it outside and I don't try to over expose myself to the chemical. I probably have more exposure danger filling my gas tank repeatedly than making the glue. The glue dries fast, soaks into the thread easily and adds to durability.