Ok, I start the car on Monday and everything is fine, I start going and I feel a little shake, didn't pay much attention to it. It rains for two days (I'm sure that has nothing to do with the issue but still felt like I should mention it) and now it feels like the transmission skips when it shifts to third gear. I freak out since I can't afford a mayor repair or a new car right now.
I took it to the mechanic today and we go for a ride so he can check it. Nothing, the car runs like a dream and he looks at me like "are you sure there is a problem with it" (we're friends too). I tell him that I'm not taking it back that I want him to give it a good check, he laughs. He calls me after a couple of hours and tells me that he can't find absolutely nothing, cables are fine, spark plugs are good, and a list of thing that were not wrong. He drove it again and there was no skipping.
It seems like when I take it to him all the problems just go away. Does this only happens to me or you have experienced something like it?
No, I'm not crazy or imagine things . My wife also noticed the skipping...