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    I am again trying to clean up my Tying Room, all prices INCLUDE SHIPPING . These books are in good to great shape, they just haven?t been looked at in a few years. Winter time I've used in reading in the past is now more wisely used fishing in Fla. and these books are collecting dust. I?ve marked the especially good deals#?s. I?ll take checks, cash or M.O.?s NO PAYPAL.

    North American Angler video Adventure- mostly bass w/plugs $3.50
    Sports Afield Bass Fishing Video Guide (30 min) - $3.50
    Caught Me a Big ?Un- Jimmy Houston- $3.00

    #The Art of the Trout Fly by Judith Dunham $9.00
    Fly Tying, an International Guide to over 400 Fly Patterns by Taff Price $8.00
    the Flytier's manual by Mike Dawes (pb) $6.50
    A Journey Through John Muir Country by Don Vachini- $3.00
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