I've got some brass beads if you are interested, as well as some brass dumbells. Sizes and colors are:
1.5mm: gold, copper, nickel, black nickel, black, floro. red. floro. yellow
2.0mm: gold, black, nickel, black nickel, copper, bronze
2.5: black nickel, copper, gold
2.8mm: nickel, gold, copper, black nickel, black
3.2: nickel, gold, copper, black nickel, black

Brass beads are counter drilled and are ...... beautiful. $5 per 100

Dumbells come in two sizes: small and medium. The small size will fit nicely a #8 streamer hook and the medium a # 4-6. They have concave eyes and come in 3 colors: hot orange, black nickel, and brushed brass (bronze color). The red dumbells are 13 cents each the the brushed brass and black nickel are 11 cents each. If interested, please pm me with questions.