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Thread: CATSKILL MUSEUM - Old Flies - September 14, 2009

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    Default CATSKILL MUSEUM - Old Flies - September 14, 2009


    "If you enjoy old fly fishing stuff the place to be was at Roscoe, NY the birthplace of American fly-fishing, for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum Summerfest and Angler's Market.

    The Summerfest, held annually for the past 27 years, is a gathering of vendors, exhibits and fly-fishing enthusiast to buy, trade and enjoy almost anything fly-fishing related from modern fly equipment to antique cane rods, reels, flies and rare books. I had the pleasure of attending this year's event held August 8 and 9 on the museum grounds located on the banks of the historic Willowemoc Creek." - Larry Bordas
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    Default Catskill Museum

    I was at the Catskill Museum, back in July 2001, when the FAOL Fish-In, was being held at the Delaware River Club in Starlight PA.

    It is a really nice place to spend a whole day, there is plenty to seen and do.

    Besides fishing all the pools on the Beaverkill and Willowemoc, there is also a lot of very nice scenery to take in. There are many wood covered bridges all over the area.

    Roscoe NY, is full of place you need to go and see. The whole town, and surrounding area, is so full of fly fishing history and lore. I am still sorry that I did not have the time to go visit the Neverkill River area, where there is even more fly fishing history and lore.

    Larry! Thank you for a very nice article. It brought back memories of my short week long stay in the Catskills. ~Parnelli

    PS: Thank you for the Lady Beaverkill fly pattern.

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    Default Lady Beaverkill

    One of my all time favorite patterns done wonderfully by Larry here. Liked the article too!

  4. Default Catskill Museum

    I was there this summer --- a really great article --- thanks for taking the time to write it.

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    For the past 4 years a bunch of us have gotten together to tie flies in Feburary just to have some fun, beat the winter doldrums and get the juices flowing for the upcoming season. For the past 3 years we've actually met and tied in the Catskill museum.

    As a new flyfisherman and tier with only a few years experience it's a little strange sitting in that building and tying flies with all the wonderful exhibits within an arms reach. Seeing pictures of the Darbees, Dettes, and so many others as well as their tools and materials you get a real sense of some of the nostalgia and tradition.

    It IS a great place to visit and the fishing in the Willow just outside the museum isn't that bad either.
    Take Care ...

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