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Thread: CATSKILL MUSEUM - Old Flies - September 14, 2009

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    Default CATSKILL MUSEUM - Old Flies - September 14, 2009


    "If you enjoy old fly fishing stuff the place to be was at Roscoe, NY the birthplace of American fly-fishing, for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum Summerfest and Angler's Market.

    The Summerfest, held annually for the past 27 years, is a gathering of vendors, exhibits and fly-fishing enthusiast to buy, trade and enjoy almost anything fly-fishing related from modern fly equipment to antique cane rods, reels, flies and rare books. I had the pleasure of attending this year's event held August 8 and 9 on the museum grounds located on the banks of the historic Willowemoc Creek." - Larry Bordas
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